Electric motors

Our Low, Medium and High Voltage electric motors are compliant with various international standards. All Omec motors are perfectly designed to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other mechanical traction equipment. We develop, manufacture and market heavy duty cast iron and aluminium motors in framesize 56 to 630.

Electric motors – Omec Motors types

Electric motors stock

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Electric-motors-OMT1-IE1Electric-motors-OMT1-IE2Electric-motors-OMT1-IE3Electric-motors-OMT1-Ct2c-ie2t3c-ie3Electric-motors-OMT2-IE1 Electric-motors-OMT2-IE2t2a-ie3t3a-ie3Electric-motors-OMD-IE1Electric-motors-OMD-IE2Electric-motors-OMT1-DCElectric-motors-OMT2-DC Electric-motors-4KTCElectric-motors-5KTCElectric-motors-OMH-MVElectric-motors-OMH-HV

Electric motors categories

Technical specifications

Omec Motors’ electric motors are available in a large variety of technical specifications

  • Frame size 56 – 500
  • Output 0.06kW – 2000kW
  • Poles 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
  • Voltage 230V – 6.6kV
  • Mounting B3, B11, B14, B34, B35, B5, V1
  • Explosion proof (E)EXD execution
  • Marine (GL) execution